Ten Characteristics of Great Team Leaders (A series of blog posts)

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  For those of you that know me, you know that nothing excites me more than coaching and leading teams. I love it. I find fulfillment in leading and developing highly efficient, excellent, healthy teams more than most other things I do in business.   In the spring this year, I took our entire Executive team and the team leads from Catalyst and GiANT Impact away for a two-day retreat. The goals were simple: learn more about each other. Learn about our unique wiring. Learn the DNA of our current team, and create energy around becoming great leaders.   I […]

Leadership lesson by Southwest Airlines

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  I finally flew Southwest last weekend.  I have heard about it.  I’ve read about it.  They are known to be chill, relaxed and even funny.  They are low cost.  They are friendly. All of those things can’t even add up to the one lesson I learned that could be a huge lifelong lesson for me.  And it should be for every leader.  Not one person on that flight was ANY more important that any other person on the flight.  There was no medallion status (a few frequent flyers who got to sit in the front in the same kind […]

Change and Identity…

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Why is it so hard to change?  A huge hurdle in my life and in coaching leaders in general is cracking the code on change.  It’s not just a desire to change, but the decision to change coupled with the discipline to follow through. I have recently been reading some amazing information about different stages people go through when trying to change.  One of the models was by a man named Kegan.  It’s really one of the most fascinating things I’ve read in a while.  It was also very sobering. Stage 4 is called the independent self and only 25% […]

A Litmus for Leadership…

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For the past eight years, I have had a test for how well I’m leading.  I have always referred to it as my litmus test for leadership.  I feel like it serves as a great gauge on how well I’m leading my team. It is pretty simple really.  One question: Do the spouses-significant others of my employees still like me? I know that many of you just thought to yourself…why does that matter?  I believe the answer to that is clear.  It simply means that my team is healthy.  They go home healthy.  They are working at a healthy pace. […]

Daddy Day Care…

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I love my wife.  I love how she loves our boys so consistently.  There are times I find myself marveling at her patience with the boys.  I also watch her thoughtfulness and love for them.   Even more than that, I watch how she sees them as her focus right now.  When we first started at North Point, Sandra Stanley invited all the pastors wives over for dinner and gave them this beautiful sign that shares the Nehemiah passage that says, “I am doing a great work and I cannot come down.”  Carrie exudes that.  She is so completely focused […]