Integrity and Leadership

I have a simple thought when it comes to integrity and leadership. It’s essential. It separates great leaders from those in positional leadership. It sustains leaders for the long haul.  It allows teams to trust the leadership. So here’s the simple thought. Consistency is the word that can be interchanged with integrity. When we talk … Continue reading Integrity and Leadership

Simple Thought

What if you chose today to give up one bad leadership habit?  What would it be? Gossiping? Fear? Avoiding Conflict? Micro-managing?   Let’s keep it simple.  Stop doing the _____ and fill that void with a good leadership quality.  You can’t just try and stop it.  You have to put something else there.

Lead Well

I’VE HEARD IT SAID THAT THE ONLY WAY TO CLIMB MT. EVEREST IS ONE STEP AT A TIME. I love this idea, thousands of seemingly independent strides, intertwined together, transporting you 29,029 feet above sea level to a view that most of us will never have in person. Over the past few months, as I’ve … Continue reading Lead Well